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Elisops Insurance Broking Software streamlines customer data, policies, and workflows, freeing you to focus on what matters: growing your business! Gain real-time insights to adapt to market shifts and client needs on the fly. Furthermore, a lack of real-time insights and analytics may impede decision-making and strategy planning, restricting the company's ability to efficiently respond to market developments and customer demands.

Insurance Broking Software Features

Create Lead

Our lead creation process is straightforward. Our system allows you to manually create leads by uploading the Excel sheet in any format, for individual and corporate customers, and automatically through an online portal.

Features of lead creations are:

  • Multiple filters for selecting categories of insurance.
  • Assign leads to agent or team of agents in a single click.
  • Log system to check who created lead and what actions have been performed like updating, deleting the lead, etc.
  • Search leads by name, contact number, ID assignee, etc.
  • Email and WhatsApp notifications for every action performed.
Create Lead

Benefits of Insurance Broking Software

Increased Sales

Identify upselling and cross-selling opportunities by monitoring customer relationships.

Improved Customer Experience

Provides a 360-degree view of the customer that allows for improved client satisfaction.

Enhanced Communication

The software gives you an all-in-one platform to communicate with clients and reducing waiting time.

Streamline Working Process

Perform multiple tasks simultaneously with ease. All the relevant data is available in one place and making it user-friendly.

Better Analytics

Get valuable insights, sales trends, leads, and more, which help you perform better.


Automate repetitive tasks to boost your performance, ultimately helping you make more sales.

Boost your business with our powerful Integrations

Welcome to the world of business transformation and innovation with Elisops!

Samsara Ryder EDI Integrations

Streamline Insurance Broking with Cloud Software

Scalability, cost reduction, and remote access. Pay just for what you use, access data from wherever, and ensure operational security. Cloud technology allows brokers to simplify their operations and focus on growth.


Boost Broker Collaboration! Try Elisops Insurance Broking Software.

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