Fleet, Load & Dispatch Management

Gain real-time tracking into your entire operation with our Fleet, Load & Dispatch Management System. Track vehicles, manage loads, and automate dispatching for unparalleled control, improved on-time delivery, and reduced downtime.

Below are the features for Logistic Solutions

Load Planning

From start to finish, all of the load planning is done beforehand to optimize efficiency. Each delivery is meticulously planned to ensure the shortest route and smoothest journey for the driver. Every destination, customer, delivery time, and status are carefully considered and integrated into the plan. This real-time data ensures seamless fleet dispatch with minimal disruptions.

Features of load planning are:

  • Quick search functionality saves time.
  • Real-time load status provides instant insights.
  • Easy navigation for convenient data access.
  • Comprehensive visibility into all load details for better monitoring.
Load Planning

Benefits of Logistic Solutions

Real-Time Tracking

Keep tabs on your vehicles in real-time, ensuring optimal fleet management and route planning.

Route Optimization

Determine the most efficient routes for your drivers, minimizing travel time and fuel costs.

Dispatch Automation

Streamline processes such as driver assignment and route planning, saving time and resources.

Reporting and Analytics

Gain valuable insights into your fleet operations, identify areas for improvement, and optimize performance.

Load Management

Easily plan out routes based on the loads, availability, and capacity of the fleet.

Integration Capabilities

Integrate with external data sources and services in third-party databases.

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Samsara Ryder EDI Integrations

Optimize Logistics to bridge the gap to the road.

Our logistics management software handles tasks like verifying documents, planning loads, and real-time tracking. For safety, the program also monitors load weight and driver health. Overall, it streamlines the entire delivery process from source to destination.

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Logistics Dashboard

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